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Zine Reviews ...

Zine: The F-Word edited by Melody Berger
Review by: James Generic
Posted: 10.15.2006

Melody is one of philly's finest writers. When I picked up the F-Word, I was absolutly amazed to see the famous people she managed to get interviews with. Margaret Cho, Gloria Steinem and Alix Olson are all in here, which makes this zine worth picking up. Melody is coming out with a book in November, which, based on this zine, will be a must-read. I liked the F-WORD because it focuses on positive action and the ability of young feminists everywhere to organize for issues like choice, women's liberation, and breaking out of the traditional thoughts of what it means to be a female or a male. There's also sex advice, book and music reviews, and a whole lot of other quick pieces that make this a worthwhile read.


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