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Book: Work by CrimethInc Edited by Kari Ross
Review by: Wode
(Posted 06.24.2012)

The poetic propaganda of CrimethInc reaches for our hearts yet again in a burgeoning dialogue effectively aiming at a wider audience than previous works may have been able to reach.  Blossoming forth from this offering is the narrative’s ability to navigate the banal world of work without being overtly academic, or failing to relate to the common experience.  This book seems effective in dismissing most any defense of work that may manifest itself in the insipid hands of its defenders.  While this may seem like old hat to some, the vast majority of people who may have not considered all, if any, of these ideas will likely find something relevant to their own lives.

The only way this piece may have failed in its accessibility would likely be found in its length, which at 376 pages is not excessive, but neither is it something folks who don’t read are likely to pick up.  Still, there are a number of free posters and two pamphlet excerpts that can be printed for free from their website and distributed en masse.  Regardless of the medium chosen, the material is succinct, reasonable and accessible, making it a valuable tool in the ever-present discussions on economics.

If this does not once and for all ease the hapless critique of the anonymous, varied collective who’s moniker literally anyone can publish under, I’m not sure what else could.  Nevertheless, it is great to see such a thorough (and some might say, mature) analysis of our present situation that hasn’t sacrificed its passion one bit.

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